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In 1999 a blind young woman asked Kjersti Engebrigtsen: "What movements do you all do on the stage?" At first, Engebrigtsen thought her question irrelevant, since the blind woman could never have seen a dance performance. But the question eventually inspired her to create the dance production "Fragile", performed by three sighted dancers and one blind woman, Hege Finnset Eidseter. The work on "Fragile" began in 2000 and the production was finally performed in 2004 with the financial support of several different bodies, including the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, the Cultural Rucksack scheme and the Directorate for Health and Social Affairs.

The work process leading to "Fragile" made it clear that integration was a necessary precondition if sighted dancers and a blind person were to be able to exchange experiences and learn from one another. In an article in the Swedish periodical "Nutidadans" (Contemporary Dance), Engebrigtsen writes:

"When I first began to work with Fragile in 2000, it was some time since I had worked as a choreographer and I had a great need to experiment. I started the dancers on a large number of exciting movements, movements that Hege could not do. She therefore stood alone outside the space where all the action was going on. At a later stage, I wanted her to be in on the action and movements. I wanted to bring her own movements into the limelight and into the action, even though they were not movements that I could classify as "dance" on the basis of my conventional education and professional experience. I worked with Hege alone in the studio and helped her to find her own register of movements. These subsequently became the core material for the movements in the production. Hege danced on her own on the stage and the other dancers, who stood behind her, tried to follow her as best they could. In this way, Hege defined her own stage aesthetics and became the leading actor in the performance. The trained movements of the dancers contrasted with Hege's unusual language of movement. But the two sets of movements formed a balanced relationship."

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Frysja Cultural Centre
in Oslo October 2004.
Concept and choreography:
Kjersti Engebrigtsen
Music: Erik Wøllo
Dancers: Ruro Rimeslåtten, Silje Nordhein og Håkon Navestad and the blind performer Hege Finnset Eidseter
Kurt Hermansen
Svein Ove Kirkhorn
Supported by:
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