Breathing space

The urban spaces of Oslo have become arenas for commercial and noisy forces – there is never peace, not even in the parks. In the midst of one of the busiest places in this city culture, the installation emphasises the body as pure nature – providing passers-by with a thought-provoking breather, before they rush on.

Three dancers in an environment-friendly and protective greenhouse instigate thoughts about our original, vulnerable and solitary human body. The body as lived time, as nature, as breath… Pustestripe presents the instinctive and unconscious elements of the body’s movements – how we moved before the mirror was invented and before we were civilised. How does the body move when it is not aware of itself?

The sound sources of Wøllos newly composed electro-acoustic music stem from natural “primal flows” such as breath, water and wind and blend in with Engebrigtsen’s timeless and organic choreographic language.

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Roald Amundsens gt.
by the National theatre
September 2007
Concept and choreography:
Kjersti Engebrigtsen
Music: Erik Wøllo
Dancers: Kristin Ryg­Helgebostad, Maria Ryther Hoem, Sudesh Adhani
Neven M. Fuchs
Anette Christiane Lind
Maria Jansson
Elisabeth Egseth Hansen
Supported by:
Arts Council Norway, Oslo Municipality, Oslo School of ­Architecture and Design, Fund for performing artists, The audiovisual fund
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